Saving Cats/Dogs in Impoverished South

Humane Talk (03-14-2016) #8056: There’s a new generation giving hope to unwanted puppies and dogs in the South if there are more young people like Matthew Talbot, who is 16 years old and has been doing hands-on rescue missions from Georgia to New Jersey since he was 9! Matthew talks about having grown up going […]

Diagnosing and Treating TCC Cancer

Pet Cancer Vet (03-07-2016) #2053: Lucy in New Jersey has been to several specialists to figure out how to handle the serious urinary problems her Westie Bailey is having — and has decided to go see Dr. Sue herself to get to the bottom of how to best diagnose and treat the TCC cancer to […]

Transporting Unwanted Dogs to New Homes

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (02-13-2016) #460: Prince Lorenzo Borghese is a founder of (, an all-volunteer group that does monthly transports of unwanted dogs from Georgia back to New Jersey, where they have managed since 2009 to find homes for 11,000 dogs; Kim Sill created the Shelter Hope Pet Shop ( in Thousand […]

Good Dogs #6032 (11-10-2014)

Good Dogs (11-10-2014) #6032: Gayle Watkins of discusses what real aggression is — and what the solution might be for the owners of the aggressive French Bulldog in New Jersey who has bitten several people. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dog Talk #359 (2/08/2014)

Dog Talk (2/08/2014) #359: The Puppy Show! Linda Hartheimer, of Grayhart Weimaraners in Saddle River, in New Jersey, talks about exposing very young puppies to scent and other stimuli which makes them perform better at hunt tests later in their competitive lives; Pat Hastings is a highly sought-after “litter evaluator” who examines a whole litter […]