What Makes Ten Lives Club So Special?

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (03-01-2023) #0133: Kimberly LaRussa, from Ten Lives Club in Buffalo, discusses how they became the largest No-Kill cat Shelter in New York State. Tracie asks the rhetorical question: does their success come from the leadership of the founder, Marie Edwards, who for ten years has united […]

“Gone for Good???”

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (09-26-2022) #798C: Tracie talks to Deepanjali, a young design student in New York from India (whose parents chose not to give first names to her or her brother so they are single-named people!) For a school project, she created \”Gone for Good???\” a deeply-felt animated film that will be in the 7th Annual NY Dog Film Festival on October 23rd — and Deepnajali will be there herself! It depicts a mournful Pug who suffers when his mistress goes off to college and leaves him behind.

Have You Planned for Your Pets After You’re Gone?

Have You Planned for Your Pets After You’re Gone? I was recently contacted by Freyda, a 78-year-old single lady in Queens, New York, who is worried about what will happen to her pussycat when she is gone. Freyda is in good health, but it’s inevitable that her all-black kitty Maisie, who is only 6 years […]

Planning for Your Kitty in the Future, After You Die

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (12-13-2020) #0019: Freyda (Queens, New York) discusses with Tracie that she’s worried about what will happen to her cat when she dies since she has no one she can depend upon to take her. Freyda is 78 years young and in good health, and Maisie, the […]

CATS RULE! Announcing Launch of NY Cat Film Festival!

CATS RULE! Announcing the launch of the NY CAT FILM FESTIVAL! The day has finally come when all you patient, pleasantly persistent feline advocates, who have been asking “But what about the kitties up on the big screen?” are going to get your very own NY Cat Film Festival! This new festival embraces films that […]

Melissa Helps Joan Rivers Continue Good Deeds

Melissa Is Helping Joan Rivers to Continue Doing Good Deeds I was so moved by the outpouring of love for my godmother Joan Rivers back on September 4, 2014, when she died so tragically. I’m sure she would be proud of her daughter Melissa (who is my goddaughter) who is now making it possible for […]

Dog Talk #354 (01/04/2014)

Dog Talk #354 (01/04/2014): Board-certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi talks about his new book Decoding Your Dog; Acupuncturist Dr. Michael Bartholomew from the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in South Salem, New York talks about his work as a practitioner and teacher — also of food therapy and Chinese herbal medicine.   MP3 Audio [26 MB]DownloadShow […]

Dog Travel Experts #4017 (12-04-2013)

Dog Travel Experts (12-04-2013) #4017: Mark from Pepe Infiniti in Westchester New York talks about the Fur-Ever Safe Dog Travel Boutique online, and Paris and Tracie pick their favorite items. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dog Talk #337 Tracie Hotchner (09-07-2013)

Dog Talk #337: Dr. Kerry Heuter, a board-certified veterinary internist from the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers, New York, talks about the four different treatments for hyper-thyroid disease, a common disorder of aging cats; Tracie talks to her old pal and now superstar “Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy about solving cat behavior problems on his hit […]