American Born and Trained Special Op Detection Dogs

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (08-29-2022) #794B: Lanie DeLong talks about running the training program at K2 Solutions Canine Training Center, a 125 acre purpose-built facility in North Carolina where they are breeding (instead of importing from Eastern Europe) and then training dogs for detection work with law enforcement and Special Operations Forces. MP3 Audio […]

The K-9 Cop Who Choked His Own Canine Partner

Good Dogs! (04-28-2021) #6082: The first of two shows concerning a rogue South Carolina police officer who abused his K-9 partner. SPOILER ALERT: that cop has since been fired. Dog trainer Aimee Sadler discusses with Tracie a leaked video of a shocking “training event” from a few weeks ago in which a police K-9 officer […]

The Lassie Effect

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (09-22-2018) #589: Featuring Jim Gorman, Margaret Mitsushima, and Karen Killian. New York Times writer Jim Gorman talks about his recent article on a study exploring the “Lassie effect” and whether all dogs would eagerly “get help for Timmy in the well”; Margaret Mitsushima discusses her newest Timber Creek K-9 mystery […]