The Building Block of Pet Wellness: Omega-3 Fish Oil 

As I wrote in The Dog Bible, scientific studies show that a full daily dose of omega 3’s reduces inflammation in all cells of the body, especially the joints. This is important to reduce arthritis as pets get older but is basically essential for overall health because inflammation is part of all medical conditions, including […]

Take Fish Oil for Yourself & Your Pets… No Matter what some study says!

Take Fish Oil for Yourself & Your Pets… No Matter what some study says! There are basic facts about the health value of giving generous amounts of omega-3 fish oil every day to your pets (and yourself and your two-legged children, too!). I’ve been singing the praises of omega-3 fish oil for years, to anyone […]

Falling in Love with Omega-3 Fish Oil All Over Again

Falling in Love with Omega-3 Fish Oil All Over Again I’ve been a huge advocate for supplementing human and pet diets with fish oil. I wrote about it in my long-ago famous pregnancy books, in my books The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible and talked about it on the air on DOG TALK (and […]

Welcoming NATURVET to My World—and Yours!

Welcoming NATURVET to My World—and Yours! Those of you who’ve read my books — THE DOG BIBLE and THE CAT BIBLE — and listened to any of my pet talk radio shows over the years — from my NPR radio show DOG TALK®  (and Kitties, Too!) to Holistic Vets, The Expert Vet, GOOD DOGS! and […]

Avoiding Genetic Mutations in Dog Breeding

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (03-18-2017) #516: Dr. Angela Hughes, a canine geneticist at Mars Veterinary, talks about their Optimal Selection cheek swab test that identifies genetic mutations so that breeders can avoid breeding those dogs that are affected, while the test is also valuable to owners of purebred or mixed-breed dogs to learn whether […]

“Medication Cocktail” for Senior Dogs — in Tasty Activphy Supplement Ball

A “Medication Cocktail” for Senior Dogs — in a Tasty Activphy Supplement Ball The good news for us and our aging dogs is that modern veterinary care has increased their life spans so that they can spend more years giving and receiving love. The bad news for senior dogs is that with age comes arthritis—which […]

Holistic Care of the Cancer Patient

Holistic Vets (05-04-2015) #3043: Dr. Patrick discusses holistic care of the cancer patient — during radiation, chemo or surgery — which was needed for his own dog Cardiff, who is a cancer survivor. Dr. Patrick recommends digestive tract supportive supplements like RX Vitamins for Pets Nutrigest, Apocaps (and Ever-pup, which Cardiff takes once in remission). […]

People Food in a Dog’s World

Good Dogs! (04-13-2015) #6036: Gayle Watkins discusses “people food” in a dog’s world — the importance of it in training when pieces of meat and cheese are high-value rewards; the misconception about a connection between feeding human food to a dog and begging at your table, when delayed gratification is actually easy for dogs. And […]

Hallelujah! A miracle supplement that stops shedding!

Hallelujah! A miracle supplement that stops shedding! When I invited Vivamune supplements to join the Radio Pet Lady Network as a sponsor, I knew there was good science and ingredients behind this daily supplement that boosts and protects a dog’s (or cat’s) immune system. However, at first, I was not giving it to my own […]

The Expert Vet #5023 (3-05-2014)

The Expert Vet (3-05-2014) #5023: Beginning a new series on managing your pet’s PAIN. Tracie and co-host, Dr. Donna Spector, welcome a new show sponsor, the all-natural anti-inflammatory CanineActiv and discuss using anti-inflammatories like Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oil, glucosamine supplements, and adequan injections. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL