Determining Cause of Your Pet’s Itchy Skin

Holistic Vets (04-03-2017) #3063: Dr Patrick Mahaney talks about the causes of itchy skin —  hypothyroid, Cushings disease, flea bites, and allergies — and the SPOT platinum test your vet can do to find out exactly what your pet is allergic to and create an individualized oral serum to give every day to relieve the […]

Sponky the Yorkie is Itchy

Sponky the Yorkie is Itchy Gloria, sent me an email asking for my advice because Sponky, her 11-year-old Yorkie, is itchy. Very itchy! Skin problems are common and the No. 1 reason that people take their pets to the vet. Unfortunately, this is often a poorly managed problem when the dog or cat is put […]

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Holistic Vets (08-24-2015) #3047: Dr Judy talks about seasonal allergies — how to prevent and deal with them. She loves the SPOT Platinum allergy testing and oral serum (like Tracie’s previously-itchy dog, Maisie, takes every day to stop her itching). Dr. Judy suggests clipping “poodle feet” on all dogs with hairy paws — shaving all […]