Out of Litter Box (OLB) Problems? Call the Housecall Vet!

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (12-26-2022) #811C: Dr Sarah Cutler, who makes house calls from her clinic in Northern Westchester, The Behavior Clinic for Dogs & Cats, says she is called for multi-cat problems and aggression against humans, but the most frequent reason is for cats with OLB problems. She laughs that with all her […]

The New “Cat Chat” Help Line

The New “Cat Chat” Help Line I miss the old CAT CHAT Sirius radio days days when I was live on on the Martha Stewart channel every Wednesday evening and could help cat lovers solve their kitty behavior problems. I miss you devoted feline families across the country! (I do have a CAT CHAT podcast […]

FELINE GRAFFITI: Stressed-out Cat Pees on Everything!

FELINE GRAFFITI: Stressed-out Cat Pees on Everything! I got this question from Taylor, who listens to my NPR radio show DOG TALK ®(and Kitties, Too!) as well as to CAT CHAT® on the Radio Pet Lady Network. She describes a pretty awful out-of-control, out-of-litter-box situation: “We have two cats and three dogs in our family […]

Cat Crazy #1005 (9-16-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (9-16-2013) #1005: Mieshelle “The Cat Whisperer” from the TheCatBehaviorClinic.com in Portland Oregon, gives feline behavior consultations all over the world. Tonight she helps Danielle in San Diego, whose kitty Fifi Le Mew has out-of-litter-box problems (Tracie will send her a free coupon for Cat Attract litter — which Mieshelle approves of heartily — […]