Biggest Problem for Cat Owners: Out-of-Litter-Box Issues

Out-of-Litter-Box Issues are still the Biggest Problem for Cat Owners I’m so glad people have written in with out-of-litter-box problems, since this the main reason people give up on their kitties. Everybody who writes me with kitty questions gets a coupon for a free Comfort Zone pheromone diffuser, which for many cats helps to lower […]

Guardians of Rescue: Investigating Animal Cruelty

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (06-10-2017) #528: Scotlund Haisley, who used to do rescue work for the HSUS, has founded Animal Rescue Corps and talks about his book COMPASSION IN ACTION: MY LIFE RESCUING ABUSED AND NEGLECTED ANIMALS; Marceline Fischer is a licensed private investigator and uses her skills to investigate cases of animal cruelty […]

Gardening Poses Serious Risks to Your Pet

Gardening Poses Serious Risks to Your Pet This is a fabulous time of the year to be outside with your pets while you do a late Spring clean up of your flower beds and shrubbery and put in new plantings. However, managing your garden can also present dangers to your pets which you probably don’t […]

Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know

Dog Talk (05-02-2015) #419: “Everything you need to know about Lyme disease and might have to educate your own vet about.” Dr. Donna Spector, Tracie’s co-host on the Radio Pet Lady network show THE EXPERT VET brings everyone up to date on the when/why/how of Lyme disease; Dr. Melissa Beall DVM PhD was one of […]

Cat Chat #1036 (01-26-2015)

Dr. Elizabeth gives suggestions for handling Harry, a foot fetishist cat — and cautions against using oral products for flea control when parasites are on the outside of a cat and therefore ingesting toxins can’t be as effective as a topical like Vectra — and isn’t good for the cat, either.

Cat Chat #1033 (01-05-2015)

Cat Chat (01-05-2015) #1033: Dr. Elizabeth and Tracie talk to Gretchen in Daly City, California, whose Queenie is itching like mad.  Is it atopy? Fleas? Dr. Elizabeth talks about how VECTRA works to keep pets safe from fleas and ticks because it repels them before they can ever bite. MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL

Afraid Better Dog Food Might Give Your Dog “The Trots”?

Afraid Better Dog Food Might Give Your Dog “The Trots”? What do you do if you adopt a dog like my sweet young Blue Weimaraner, Maisie, and she develops horrible diarrhea when switching her to a better food? When I picked her up from Mid-Atlantic Weimaraner Rescue in Virginia Beach, they were feeding her and […]

Dog Talk #333 Tracie Hotchner (08-09-2013)

Dog Talk Show #333: Dr. Donna Spector (Tracie’s co-host on Radio Pet Lady Network’s THE EXPERT VET) addresses issue of a weight loss plan for Tracie’s Weimaraner Teddy — and helps formulate a reduced calorie diet using Royal Canin’s High Protein Calorie Control food and Tracie launches “Take it Off Teddy!” Campaign; William Braden’s HENRI […]

Picking a Puppy (Part 2), Meet the Parents, Boy or Girl

Read the Previous installment: Picking a Puppy, Part 1 MEET THE PARENTS Many experts say you should meet a puppy’s parents, since purebred dogs are selected genetically for temperament. They advise that you can learn about your puppy’s probable disposition by watching her mother and father. The only problem with this is that it is […]