What Can Possibly Be the Problem with Grain-Free Dog Food?

What Can Possibly Be The Problem With Grain-Free Dog Food? I’m glad that the alarm bells have stopped ringing about the dangers of grain-free dog food. For a little while, there was a flurry of articles and cautionary advice about avoiding the dog foods labeled as “grain free” because there was a heart condition called […]

Dog Talk #397 (11/29/2014)

Dog Talk (11/29/2014) #397: Pet food industry veteran Scott Freeman (who created Nature’s Variety and went on to create Nature’s Logic) discusses the change in quality that consumers might not realize when an entrepreneurial boutique private pet food company sells out to one of the Big Four pet food conglomerates and Tracie questions whether “Selling […]

Halo Gives Me Much To Be Thankful About

Halo Gives Me Much To Be Thankful About Every week I have the privilege of sharing some of my thoughts and interests about pets with the Halo audience. As we all try to take a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for at this time of the year, I continue to be amazed […]