Diet Guide for Pet Rabbits

GUEST BLOG POST: Rabbits are unique pets that fascinate a wide range of people. Although they are usually portrayed eating carrots, not all vegetables are good for them. Jordan Walker, the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, shares what type of food isn’t suited for bunnies. Rabbits are one of the cutest pets around […]

Humane Talk #8030 (11-03-2014)

Humane Talk (11-3-2014) #8030: Dr. Con Slobodchikoff has spent his life describing the language of prairie dogs — a fascinating little animal often treated as a pest to be eradicated. Dr. Con writes about his discovery that there is a flaw in the general human belief that we are superior to other animals because we […]

Cat Chat & Dog Talk #3011 (11-05-2013)

Cat Chat® & Dog Talk® (11-05-2013) #3011: Dr. Patrick talks about his client Jane Lynch’s devotion to pet causes and using her celebrity for the Greater Good of animals. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL