Humane Talk #8028 (7-07-2014)

Humane Talk (7-07-2014) #8028 (EP 34 & 35): Large constrictor snakes are dangerous as pets! Wayne discusses stopping the pet trade in large constrictor snakes for animal welfare and public safety because invasive Burmese pythons are killing native animals in Florida, while pythons and other large constrictors kept as pets have killed several people. Wayne […]

Love Your Dog? Then You Have To Love Your Weeds, Too!

Love Your Dog? Then You Have To Love Your Weeds, Too! It’s springtime and in the Northeast the lawns are just beginning to green up — a time when everyone who has been housebound through this long, cold winter is eager to get out and clean up the garden. Our dogs are running around doing […]

Sampling of Tips from Amy Shojai of Cat Crazy

PETS & POISON! National Poison Prevention Week runs March 17-23, and is a wonderful time to learn how to protect pets from household dangers. Most cases of pet poisoning are accidental, and preventing accidents and knowing first aid saves pet lives. Dogs are particularly prone to poisoning because like human infants, they put everything in […]