A Healthy Gut: Why Important in Animals?

[Guest post] They are small—microscopic in fact. But they are the heavy hitters when it comes to your pet’s gut health, and actually to the total health of the animal. They are called “healthy bacteria” and they perform a host of great functions. These beneficial microorganisms are critical to your pet’s health. The Importance of […]

Maisie’s Adventure with The Honest Kitchen

Maisie’s Adventure with The Honest Kitchen Here’s a personal tale to make the point that even dogs with the “trickiest tummies” can eat The Honest Kitchen’s healthy foods if you give them the digestive support they need to eat the pet food that’s good enough for people to eat — “Made with Passion and Principles.” […]

Who Says Baked Is Better?

A few weeks ago I wrote about “all kibble not being created equal” and received a friendly request for more information from Michelle, who wanted to know whether Halo was extruded because a friend of hers had said that “baked kibble was better.” I was glad to get the question because years ago when I […]