Puppy Series #8: The Three Big No-No’s in Car Rides

Good Dogs! (03-02-2022) #6103: Carol Borden and Tracie talk about how to have your puppy be a good, safe, happy passenger in the car. Without getting car sick!    

The Puppy Series, #1 Crate Training

Good Dogs! (08-18-2021) #6090: Why a crate is essential for house training, how to best put it to use, and how to make it a positive place for the puppy. MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL

Introducing a Puppy to Other Dogs, Cats

Good Dogs! (12-18-2017) #6074: Marcy from Avidog International talks about the art of introducing a puppy to other dogs — as well as to other animals, including cats? MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

What to Call Your New Dog? What Name Can You Give Love?

On this week’s Dog Talk I interviewed Kim Dower, a wonderful California poet who read aloud many of her dog-themed poems. I was struck by one in particular, that will be appearing for the first time in her upcoming third book of poetry, Last Train to the Missing Planet. She gave me permission to reprint […]

Introducing Puppy to Other Dogs

The Bond (06-08-2015) #0004: Tracie looks for Sarah’s guidance in introducing her soon-to-be puppy to her existing dogs; Sarah also talks about very intelligent, high energy dogs like Tracie’s Maisie who push the limits of what we have coped with before to reach new understandings about each dog being an individual with whom we have […]

The Pilgrimage For Puppy Pick-Up

As you read this, I am on my way from Vermont to Virginia, driving 10 hours to Virginia Beach, where an 8-month-old Blue (dark gray) Weimaraner pooch named Maisie is waiting for me. It’s thrilling, unexpected, and bittersweet — until the moment I hold her in my arms and then it will be All Good. […]

Crate Training a Puppy

Because I know quite a few lucky families that got new puppies over the holidays, for the next few weeks I am going to write about all the aspects of using crate training as a foundation of puppy training. Crate training teaches a puppy where to eliminate — the first thing he has to learn […]

Picking a Puppy (Part 1: Timing)

This chapter gives you the scoop on what makes puppies tick — and ways to evaluate the best possible puppy for you. In Chapter Three you will find: Timing — when to look at a litter, when a puppy can go home with you and whether two puppies are a good idea. Picking a puppy […]