Dog Kibble: How Much Is Way Too Much?

Dog Kibble: How Much Is Way Too Much? Do you wonder how much kibble really belongs in your dog’s bowl? Many of us who have large breed dogs are suspicious about the enormous amount of dry food that some pet food companies recommend feeding. We cannot help wondering whether it is self-serving for a company […]

Chubby Dog? Pudgy Pooch? Take The Halo Healthy Weight Challenge

Dr. Donna Spector (who is also the star of my Radio Pet Lady Network show The Expert Vet) helped formulate the Take it Off Teddy! diet for me, using a prescription dog food. She calculated the calories my dog Teddy needed to eat in order to start burning up his fat, which made it possible […]

Be Thankful for HALO and What Makes it Different

  On a day that we devote to eating with and celebrating Family, it’s a good time to give thanks that with Halo pet foods, we can feed our four-legged family members with the same loving attention we give to our human family’s meal. But we need to be mindful that Halo has become something […]