Treating Fido Like Family in China

Treating Fido Like Family in China Mary Peng advocates for the welfare of the rapidly growing number of “companion animals” in Chinese cities. [Journalist Debra Bruno writes for the Atlantic and posted this superb article about changing values and practices in China regarding dogs as dinner or family members — and mentions Mary Peng, my […]

Dog Talk #392 (10-20-2014)

Dog Talk (10-20-2014) #392: Mary Peng from the International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing explains the recent rabies cull of five thousand “loosely owned village dogs” in Southern China where there had been five human fatalities from dog bites — and describes the differences in this disease transmission between countries like the United States […]

Preventing Vaccine Associated Illness in Pets, Part 1 of 2

{The integrative house call vet Dr Patrick Mahaney is my co-host on HOLISTIC VETS on the Radio Pet Lady Network, and wanted to share part one of two articles he’s written on vaccinosis for} Preventing Vaccine Associated Illness in Pets, Part 1 of 2 Guest Blog Post by Dr. Patrick Mahaney Does your pet […]

Tails From China #4102 (10-06-2014)

Tails From China (10-06-2014) #4102: Mary Peng and Tracie have a far-ranging discussion of dogs in Chinese culture, where, until 1993, it was illegal to even own a dog — from the issue of the dog meat trade, the reasons for the government’s seemingly harsh policy to stem rabies that kills many people every year […]

Beijing’s Animal Markets and “Week Long Dogs”

Mary Peng is a visionary in China, working to open hearts and minds to the wonders of pet ownership. I am proud to have her as my co-host on our new Radio Pet Lady Network show Tails From China and to share this article. The end of summer in Beijing is traditionally associated with a […]

Vaccinations/Innoculations (Puppies)

Vaccinations/ Inoculations Vaccinations against common diseases are usually given in combinations of at least three and as many as five at two- to four-week intervals. Canine distemper can be passed simply by sniffing an infected animal’s urine. Parvovirus is passed in other dogs’ stool. However, active immunity to these diseases does not develop until about […]

Raising a Great Puppy, Part 4: Socialization Recommendations And Tips

Previous Installments: Raising a Great Puppy, Part 1 & Raising a Great Puppy, Part 2: Six To Fourteen Months: Puberty And Adolescence & Raising a Great Puppy, Part 3: Teen Fears The Value of Meeting Strangers When dogs meet people other than their owners — especially children, if there aren’t any in your household — […]