Got a Puppy? Good for you! But Where Did He Come From?

Good Dogs! (08-04-2021) #6088: Carol and Tracie bemoan the problem of people showing little regard for the origin of their puppy when they decide to get one. Sadly, we are an impatient nation of people who want what they want when they want it. How about being ethical? Learn where and how that puppy’s parents […]

Good Dogs! #6010 (3-26-2014)

Good Dogs! (3-26-2014) #6010: Introducing Gayle Watkins and her training partners at Avidog as the new co-hosts of the show. Gayle describes the mission of Avidog to assist responsible breeders in raising healthy, well-balanced puppies. And advice about how it’s never too late to correct manners, even in an old dog like her client Snoopy […]

Dog Talk #360 (2/22/2014)

Dog Talk (2/22/2014) #360: Tracie “interviews herself” to encourage people in the world of animals to stop judging, chastising and being indignant with others who have differing beliefs but still pursue a passion for pets in their own ways — explaining that she explores the “gray areas” in the animal universe because they all have […]