“See Something, Do Something”

Pet Cancer Vet (05-04-2015) #2042: Dr. Sue talks about her mission to encourage pet owners to “See something, Do Something” and the enormously enthusiastic response she got to the presentation she gave about this topic to veterinarians at a recent conference. MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL

Halo Officially Recommended for Dogs with Cancer

Halo Officially Recommended for Dogs with Cancer I think pet lovers know that I have spent a crazy amount of time for more than a decade, studying and following information and news about pet nutrition. I feel pretty confident that I have an unbiased, objective, thoughtful perspective on the various arguments and debates about pet […]

Dog Talk #388 (9/20/2014)

Dog Talk (9/20/2014) #388: Dr. Sue, The Pet Cancer Vet talks about the new campaign to “See something, do something” about any lump on your pet — even if only pea sized, get a needle biopsy and make a skin map for your pet with a ruler from VCA — don’t say “let’s just watch […]