Bringing Shelter Dogs Into Maximum Security Prisons

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (08-25-2018) #585: Featuring Alex Tonner, Murad Kirdar, and Jane Erlich. Alex Tonner talks about Karma Rescue’s Paws for Life program which is bringing carefully chosen shelter dogs into maximum security prisons in California, with support from Pura Naturals Pet []; Murad Kirdar from Santa Fe Animal Shelter, which covers all […]

Providing Play Time for Shelter Dogs

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (09-02-2017) #540: Aimee Sadler founded Dogs Playing for Life, which visits shelters around the country to teach staff and volunteers how to get dogs out into play groups to improve their quality of life and make them more adoptable, too — their motto being “Every Dog Every Day” gets play […]

Dogs, the Christmas spirit & Tracy of Batavia, Ohio—an “Ordinary Hero”

Dogs, the Christmas spirit and Tracy of Batavia, Ohio – an “Ordinary Hero” Look out, St. Francis: we’ve got a new contender for the “patron saint of animals!” For a very special holiday episode of Dog Talk I interviewed Tracy, a listener from Batavia, Ohio. Her story exemplifies the very best of the holiday spirit […]

September is National Service Dog Month

September is National Service Dog month and a chance for all of us to reflect on how the human-canine bond directly impacts the quality of life for those people who depend on a dog to get them out and about. Over the past couple of years I have become increasingly aware of the powerful difference […]

Hearing Assistance Dog

Dog Talk (04-25-2015) #418: Aimee Sadler talks about her nationwide non-profit Dogs Playing for Life that gets shelter dogs out together in play yards and how her son Kodi now works with her; Taylor has a hearing assistance dog (she was deaf from birth) and describes how her Midwest Assistance Dog Zoe alerts her to […]

Welcoming Levi the Pug to the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge

  Welcoming Levi the Pug to the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge Dr. Donna and I are especially happy to welcome Levi the Pug in South Dakota to our Halo Healthy Weight Challenge, because Levi needs a corrective eye surgery to retain his sight, but for safety’s sake, his veterinarian will not perform the surgery until […]

Humane Talk #8033 (8-11-2014)

Humane Talk (8/11/2014) #8033: Tracie shares Wayne’s enthusiasm about the growing momentum to stop the commercial slaughter of baby harp seals in Canada, as more countries close their borders to the seal fur trade, and animal advocates speak out against the killing; Wayne tells Tracie about the little-known problem of Class B dealers, who acquire […]