Is it True the NIH is Corrupt and Operates Without Oversight?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (01-09-2023) #813A: Congresswoman Nancy Mace of South Carolina discusses the letter she wrote to the National Institutes for Health (the NIH) along with members from both parties, demanding answers about the costly, cruel and unnecessary experiments they are doing on dogs. Tracie wants to know how it is possible there […]

Dr. Buzby and Her “Toe Grips” for Senior Dogs

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (12-26-2022) #811B: Dr Julie Buzby in South Carolina patented a unique, life-changing product she designed: little rubber tips that fit over older dogs’ toenails so they don’t slide and skitter on hard floors. Tracie also praises Dr Buzby’s newsletter that offers valuable advice for making life safer and more pleasant […]

The Pet Cancer Vet #2030 (6-30-2014)

The Pet Cancer Vet (6-30-2014) #2030: Dr. Sue talks to Pam in South Carolina whose kitty Sammy has low grade GI feline lymphoma — and her quest for the right doctor with answers. July is a big month in their family because they will celebrate Sammy’s 12th birthday and 2 years of remission. Pam: “Sammy […]

The Pet Cancer Vet #2029 (6-02-2014)

The Pet Cancer Vet (6-02-2014) #2029: Pam in South Carolina calls in about her cat Sammy, who has low grade GI feline lymphoma, to get Dr. Sue’s opinion as she has been “doctor shopping” and getting few answers to satisfy her. MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL