CanineActiv® Supplement for Old Boys in Hospice Care

CanineActiv Supplement for Old Boys in Hospice Care Sherri Franklin founded the well-loved senior dog rescue, Muttville, in San Francisco many moons ago. She is still bringing some of the rescues to her own house to await a loving home, or to live out their days with her. Many of us think of Muttville dogs […]

Respect Your Elders! Give Senior Dogs a Holistic Boost

Respect Your Elders! Give Senior Dogs a Holistic Boost Do you have a small or medium dog who is older than 7? Or a very large or giant breed who is 5 years or older? At those ages they are technically considered senior citizens, and these guys need everything we can offer them to keep […]

Diets for Cancer Patients

The Expert Vet (03-05-2018) #5075: Can a change in diet help a dog who is being treated for cancer? Dr. Donna talks about diets for cancer patients and what sorts of foods to include. She recommends BalanceIT as a supplement and the high quality human grade ingredients in raw dehydrated meals like The Honest Kitchen. […]

Creating a Super Premium Omega-3 Supplement

Holistic Vets (02-13-2017) #3066: John Turner discusses the journey from being New Zealand fisherman to living in Japan and running a family business with his sons, creating and selling a super premium omega-3 fatty acid supplement, Moxxor Omega-3, all over the world. MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL

Danger of Elevated Liver Enzymes

The Expert Vet (05-25-2015) #5040: Teresa wrote in to ask about elevated liver enzymes (high ALT) in her standard poodle and whether he needed a biopsy. Dr. Donna says Yes! and explains why elevated liver enzymes really matter in a blood test. If the levels remain high over time, you have to consider a liver […]