Chubby Dog? Pudgy Pooch? Take The Halo Healthy Weight Challenge

Dr. Donna Spector (who is also the star of my Radio Pet Lady Network show The Expert Vet) helped formulate the Take it Off Teddy! diet for me, using a prescription dog food. She calculated the calories my dog Teddy needed to eat in order to start burning up his fat, which made it possible […]

The Expert Vet #5006 (9-25-2013)

The Expert Vet (9-25-2013) #5006: Dr. Donna explains the tick-borne disease anaplasma; update on Teddy’s miraculous weight loss success on his Take it Off Teddy! Campaign. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dog Talk #341 Tracie Hotchner (10-05-2013)

Dog Talk #341 Tracie talks about the “Take if Off Teddy!” weight loss program her youngest Weimaraner has been on with great success with  Dr. Craig Datz from Royal Canin, that makes the High Protein Reduced Calorie food that has helped him lose over 15 pounds; Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a holistic acupuncture house call […]