Holistic Vets #3034 (9-22-2014)

Holistic Vets (9-22-2014) #3034: Dr. Barbara Royal gives tips about de-stressing pets and storm and travel anxiety — especially when it starts in older dogs and you can try estrogen [DES] — using a yoga mat on the back seat of the car, neutralizing static electricity by rubbing a dryer sheet (from Seventh Generation) on […]

Dog Talk #365 (3/29/2014)

Dog Talk (3/29/2014) #365: Dr. Daniel Mills came from the United Kingdom to give two lectures at the University of Pennsylvania vet school, invited by Dr. Carlo Siracusa, the Official veterinary Behaviorist of DOG TALK. In two discussions, Dr. Mills explains pheromonatherapy — synthetic versions of a cat’s own pheromones — that mimic the cat’s […]

Dog Travel Experts #4006 (9-18-2013)

Dog Travel Experts (9-18-2013) #4006: Tracie and Paris talk with Liam about his dog’s urination problems in his car crate and the co-hosts give him a lot of advice about getting Rascal to love his crate, and then to travel in it. Tracie sends an Adaptil collar to Liam so help reduce Rascal’s travel anxiety. […]