Is a Quiet Cat a Happy Cat?

Is a Quiet Cat a Happy Cat? Myth #1 about cats: A still, quiet cat is a content cat. We’ve all gotten used to the image of cats adopting a sphinx-like pose, all tucked up, staring off into space in a mysterious, meditative way. We’ve come to believe (or want to think) this means they […]

Interrupt “Bad” Behavior With A Reward!

Interrupt “Bad” Behavior With A Reward! We have all heard about ways to stop your dog from doing something we don’t like by basically “snapping him out of it,” using various methods of distracting him from his shenanigans. There’s the squirt bottle that often comes up as a supposedly harmless intervention. Some trainers suggest that […]

Good Dogs! #6037 (02-02-2015)

Good Dogs! (02-02-2015) #6037: Lise Pratt from Avidog talks about “coming when called” and how some dogs are genetically wired to respond. Tracie asks about the confusion about whether giving a treat during training is “bribery” or a “reward” — and Lise explains how the difference is actually defined by the timing of the treat. […]

House Training Your Dog

I prefer the phrase “house-training” to “housebreaking,” which sounds so harsh. Housebreaking implies that you have to “break” your dog of something; almost as though you and your dog are in a battle of wills. If you understand that emptying her bladder and bowels means more than just a bodily function to a dog, then […]