Play Nice

Good Dogs! (05-26-2021) #6084: Carol and Tracie discuss “proper play” with a dog, which basically means having a nice game that does not escalate to a point where the dog or person get too amped up; they share dismay and ask what’s up with people who think it’s okay to bat a dog around the […]

Horsing Around With Your Dog!

Horsing  Around With Your Dog! One of the topics on this week’s Dog Talk® was a lively conversation I had with Marc Bekoff, the dog expert and educator, who has written too many impressive animal-oriented books to list! Marc is a fun and modest gentleman — despite his PhD and many accomplishments — and he likes […]

Getting “Down & Dirty” with Your Dog

DOG TALK (And Kitties Too!) (08-26-2017) #539: Dr Michael Moyer talks about the “terrible paradox” that used to exist in training veterinary students to practice spay/neuter surgical techniques. To avoid taking dogs from shelters and practicing on them and then allowing them to die after surgery, “purpose bred” lab beagles were shipped in wholesale orders […]