Peter Pan to the Rescue from Fairfax VA to Earthquake in Turkey

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (03-13-2023) #821A: After the Turkish earthquake, Matt Cox [Battalion Chief of the Fairfax (VA) Fire Department & Canine Specialist] was deployed with his brilliant Labrador Peter Pan to help with Search & Rescue in Turkey. Matt explains the very specific talents of his dog Peter Pan — a “live find” […]

The NY Cat Film Festival Visionary Awards

The NY Cat Film Festival Visionary Awards The Premiere of the 5th Annual NY Cat Film Festival is a huge milestone. How did we get here? Creating a cat film festival seemed an impossible mission five years ago. It was Gina Zaro, the heart and soul of Dr. Elsey’s, who planted the seed of the […]

Canine Cuisine During the Pandemic—A Chance to Do Better!

Canine Cuisine During the Pandemic—A Chance to do Better! People seem to be going a little nutty with their cooking these days, closed in their houses and apartments with no restaurants to go to. We all seem inspired to try new cooking ideas. People are baking, experimenting with recipes, and adding new flavors or garnishing […]

No Need to Feel Bad for Turkeys this Year

You Don’t Have to Feel Bad for the Turkeys This Year Those of us who are not vegans or vegetarians can still have misgivings about the way animals are raised for food in this country. We’d like to be able to choose humanely raised animals in the food chain, which isn’t always easy. The Humane […]

Puploaf For Cancer Patients

Puploaf For Cancer Patients Dr. Judy Morgan is my new co-host on HOLISTIC VETS, sharing duties with Patrick Mahaney, and I was so happy to learn that she is as big a fan of The Honest Kitchen products as Dr. Patrick and I are!  Dr. Judy has two integrative holistic clinics in Southern New Jersey, […]

Pet Food Advisors #7018 (12-03-2013)

Pet Food Advisors (12-03-2013) #7018: Talking turkey: all about the amino acid tryptophan that it contains, and what the difference is between turkey and chicken in pet food and beyond. MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL

Happy Dance for New Grain Free Keep-You-Slim Spot’s Stew!

You know how cranky and frustrated you feel when you’re on a diet? And all you dream about is what you’ll eat when you reach your target weight? But you also realize that after all that hard work and sacrifice, you’re kind of afraid to dream of delicious food because there’s nothing worse than backsliding […]