Pets Abandoned Due to Travel Rules

Tails From China (04-20-2015) #4111: Mary Peng talks about animals abandoned when people depart China because the rules are so strict. China is a “rabies endemic country — category 4” (meaning not well controlled) — so there is a four month process to be allowed to take pets to the EU or United Kingdom. ICVS […]

Dog Talk #365 (3/29/2014)

Dog Talk (3/29/2014) #365: Dr. Daniel Mills came from the United Kingdom to give two lectures at the University of Pennsylvania vet school, invited by Dr. Carlo Siracusa, the Official veterinary Behaviorist of DOG TALK. In two discussions, Dr. Mills explains pheromonatherapy — synthetic versions of a cat’s own pheromones — that mimic the cat’s […]