OPERATION CATNIP — 65,000 [and Counting!] Gainesville FL Cats Neutered

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (11-14-2022) #805C: Melissa Jenkins in Gainesville Florida talks about their non-profit Operation Catnip and how they have worked for years in M.A.S.H. style clinics staffed by a team of 75 volunteers who can do up to 200 sterilizations of stray cats in a matter of hours — with each cat […]

Holistic Care of the Cancer Patient

Holistic Vets (05-04-2015) #3043: Dr. Patrick discusses holistic care of the cancer patient — during radiation, chemo or surgery — which was needed for his own dog Cardiff, who is a cancer survivor. Dr. Patrick recommends digestive tract supportive supplements like RX Vitamins for Pets Nutrigest, Apocaps (and Ever-pup, which Cardiff takes once in remission). […]

Beijing’s Animal Markets and “Week Long Dogs”

Mary Peng is a visionary in China, working to open hearts and minds to the wonders of pet ownership. I am proud to have her as my co-host on our new Radio Pet Lady Network show Tails From China and to share this article. The end of summer in Beijing is traditionally associated with a […]

No Vaccinations. What are Dog Travel Requirements?

Hi Tracie, Thank you for being such an advocate for the four legged loves of our lives. I was listening to your informative program regarding avoiding re-vaccinations for dogs. I have a one year old Shih Tzu and am concerned about her being over-vaccinated. We also take her on airplanes with us and have to […]

Vaccinations/Innoculations (Puppies)

Vaccinations/ Inoculations Vaccinations against common diseases are usually given in combinations of at least three and as many as five at two- to four-week intervals. Canine distemper can be passed simply by sniffing an infected animal’s urine. Parvovirus is passed in other dogs’ stool. However, active immunity to these diseases does not develop until about […]

Raising a Great Puppy, Part 4: Socialization Recommendations And Tips

Previous Installments: Raising a Great Puppy, Part 1 & Raising a Great Puppy, Part 2: Six To Fourteen Months: Puberty And Adolescence & Raising a Great Puppy, Part 3: Teen Fears The Value of Meeting Strangers When dogs meet people other than their owners — especially children, if there aren’t any in your household — […]