Overuses: Steroids, Antibiotics, etc.

Holistic Vets (06-01-2015) #3044: Dr. Judy Morgan points a finger at vets who wantonly use steroids, antibiotics and vaccines — all of which are generally used by vets without factoring in risks and side effects because they can wreak havoc on the immune system, cause high blood pressure, aggression, glaucoma, blood clots and liver failure […]

Vaccinations/Innoculations (Puppies)

Vaccinations/ Inoculations Vaccinations against common diseases are usually given in combinations of at least three and as many as five at two- to four-week intervals. Canine distemper can be passed simply by sniffing an infected animal’s urine. Parvovirus is passed in other dogs’ stool. However, active immunity to these diseases does not develop until about […]