Good Dogs! #6034 (02-23-2015): Stopping your dog from jumping up

Good Dogs! (02-23-2015) #6034: Dogs jumping up is the #1 manners issue for people, who create the problem by allowing puppies to jump up when they are young, especially the little dogs, who need their feet on the floor and not to be held up in someone’s arms all the time. Marcy praises the Walk […]

Good Dogs! #6035 (01-12-2015)

Good Dogs! (01-12-2015) #6035: Avidog co-owner and multi-champion Golden Retriever breeder Gayle Watkins, talks about the challenges of walking a dog in a group, and describers her experiences at a recent Golden Retriever specialty show. “If you cannot get obedient behavior at home, you sure won’t get it in a setting like that!” On leash […]