Are Dogs Really Pack Animals?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (01-25-2020) #659: Featuring Marc Bekoff, Eric O’Grey, and Brooks Bradbury. Marc Bekoff has studied dogs “forever” and one of his Psychology Today articles looks at the question of whether dogs are actually pack animals or whether, left to themselves, there really is a pack or the concept of an “alpha” […]

Do Missed Chemo Treatments Lower Success Rates

Pet Cancer Vet (06-04-2018) #2071: Missed treatments of chemotherapy: does that affect the chance for success at getting cancer into remission? Lisa from North Carolina calls about Ruger, her 6-1/2-year-old pitbull/boxer mix with stage 4 lymphoma, who is on chemo with the UWM CHOP protocol. She’s worried because she had to miss a treatment because […]

Dieting on the Buddy System — Losing Weight with Your Dog

Dieting on the Buddy System — Losing Weight with Your Dog You know how much better it is to embark on a project with a friend? Especially a task that isn’t so much fun—like cleaning out your basement…or going on a diet?! I had a light bulb moment when I realized how hard it is […]

Be a Winner: Switch to Healthy Weight Management Food

Everyone Can Be a Winner: Just Switch to Healthy Weight Management Food I wanted to dance a little jig today when I learned that an old friend of mine (he’s literally old, too — a very vibrant 80 years old!), was inspired by listening to THE EXPERT VET to put his own 12-year-old Lab Maverick […]

Welcoming Levi the Pug to the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge

  Welcoming Levi the Pug to the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge Dr. Donna and I are especially happy to welcome Levi the Pug in South Dakota to our Halo Healthy Weight Challenge, because Levi needs a corrective eye surgery to retain his sight, but for safety’s sake, his veterinarian will not perform the surgery until […]

Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Successful Week 10!

Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Back To A Successful Week 10! Guest blog by Dr. Donna Spector True to form—after no weight loss during weeks 8 and 9—Faith weighed in with a loss of 1.2 pounds this week. She is now 61.4 pounds—way to go Faith! Faith’s mom often feels she is on a weight loss […]

Fat Dog? Halo Healthy Weight Food Helps Shed Pounds

Fat Dog? Halo Healthy Weight Food Helps Shed Pounds Dr. Donna Spector is Halo’s veterinary advisor and she is also my co-host on our internet radio show THE EXPERT VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network, where we’ve been having a good time choosing candidates for our Halo Healthy Weight Challenge. We knew that when […]

Does Your Dog have Diabetes? How to Manage it with a Healthy Diet

Diabetes In Dogs: Why They Get It, How To Manage It Diabetes in dogs is a fairly common occurrence but it is a very different disease than what occurs in cats. I turned for assistance in understanding canine diabetes to my co-host on THE EXPERT VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network — Dr Donna Spector […]

The Expert Vet #5026 (5-05-2014)

The Expert Vet (5-05-2014) #5026: Dr. Donna talks about Fritz’s weight loss on the Halo Healthy Weight challenge and how dogs can have different body types; the truth about zoonotic disease and what illnesses we can actually catch from our pets — for example when a five-year-old had recurrent strep throat, the pediatrician suspected the […]

Healthy Weight Challenge–Week 8 results–slow and steady wins this race!

Healthy Weight Challenge—Week 8 results—slow and steady will always win this race! Guest Blog Post by Dr. Donna Spector Here we are in week 8 of the 12-week Halo Healthy Weight Challenge. Fritz continues his slow and steady weight loss and successfully weighs in with another 0.6 pounds of weight loss. He is at a […]