Do You Want a Happy, Healthy “Guilt-Free” Puppy?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (02-06-2022) #765: Tracie spends the entire hour talking about the future of puppies in America with Dr. Candace Croney, the visionary veterinary educator who has spent a decade studying how to produce happy, healthy litters from happy, healthy canine parents. Dr. Croney is a Professor of Animal Behavior, Ethics and […]

“Crazy Cat Guy” Switched to Weruva

Jim is one of my CAT CHAT listeners in San Diego and a self-described “crazy cat guy”! He’s so sweet to have recently tweeted @touchedbyanurse: “Thank you! You’ve changed our lives again. My kitties are happily eating Weruva poultry and Jack is cured of his urinary issues. He’s back to being an 8-year-old 20 lb. […]

Be Thankful for HALO and What Makes it Different

  On a day that we devote to eating with and celebrating Family, it’s a good time to give thanks that with Halo pet foods, we can feed our four-legged family members with the same loving attention we give to our human family’s meal. But we need to be mindful that Halo has become something […]