Skin Problems, Flaking Skin, Hair Loss

THE EXPERT VET (12-04-2017) #5072: Dr. Donna discusses skin problems, in particular the questions from a listener about her Yorkie who has flaking skin and hair loss — and is scratching so much the health of his skin is compromised. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Sponky the Yorkie is Itchy

Sponky the Yorkie is Itchy Gloria, sent me an email asking for my advice because Sponky, her 11-year-old Yorkie, is itchy. Very itchy! Skin problems are common and the No. 1 reason that people take their pets to the vet. Unfortunately, this is often a poorly managed problem when the dog or cat is put […]

Chronic Disease Masking Other Ills

The Expert Vet (06-22-2015) #5039: Dr. Donna discusses chronic diseases — which are those that are manageable but not curable — and how easy it is to miss other treatable illnesses because you get tunnel vision with the main problem. She discusses Toffee the Yorkie with a liver shunt, who developed cancer that went undetected […]

My Godmother Joan Rivers Absolutely Loved Dogs

My Godmother Joan Rivers Absolutely Loved Dogs Joan Rivers was my godmother — and her daughter Melissa is my goddaughter. (We came together 43 years ago in Los Angeles, as East Coast transplants, and formed our own patchwork family. My own mother had died when I was only a girl.) It was a cherished relationship […]